How To Serve God With All Your Heart!

And in every work that he began in the service of the house of God, in the law and in the commandment, to seek his God, he did it with all his heart. So he prospered. 2 Chron 31:21
Wouldn’t it be really great to prosper; for God to just pour out His blessings on you?
For it to happen to Hezekiah, it says he served God with all his heart.
But it went further back than that.
2 Chron 31:1 says they broke the sacred pillars in pieces, cut down the wooden images, and threw down the high places and the altars — from all Judah, Benjamin, Ephraim, and Manasseh — until they had utterly destroyed them all.
They removed any distractions and conflicting interests to the worship of God!
But it went further than that!
Ministry was set up (vs 2) and the ministers were given what they needed to perform those duties (vs 3).
In the verses that follow you can see that the people became faithful in their tithing and giving. (vs 4, 5)
Their faithfulness became obedience. (vs 6)
Obedience became abundance. (vs 7)
Abundance became praise and worship. (vs 8 )
Praise and worship led to growth. (vss 9-11)
Wouldn’t it be really great to prosper; for God to just pour out His blessings on you?
It begins with ridding your life of those ungodly distractions and conflicting interests that keep you from serving Him with all your heart!

10 thoughts on “How To Serve God With All Your Heart!

  1. When it is only one person making lifes descisions it’s easy. When husband & wife are in agrement discisions are easier. When one has a weakness, and the other doesn’t care then there’s descord. Simple disagrements, differences in priortities can cause a slow down in progress. Even block blessings. But then giving in all the time for the sake of peace isn’t good eigher. Father God does have the answers we need. We just need to seek them together.


  2. Tim!
    Been a while. Great message. Wonder what “all your heart” really looks like.
    Arlene, great follow up. Y’all are preaching to me here in Ohio.


  3. This is so true and I can testify to this as long as I’m staying true to God His Blessings flows abundantly into my life and it’s only when I am clinging to the sinful things of this world put in place by satan I expreince a lack of His presence and blessings…


  4. Your Heart breeds love and hatred, anger and bitterness, when you get rid of these, you are actually worshipping God using your heart. In simple terms when faced with situations, challenges, upsets who gets a way? God or YOU? An answer to this determine how far you worship God using your heart. Don’t forget God’s place is in our heart and the instrument of praise that is pleasing to him is OUR heart


  5. i really want to serve god with all my heart,but every time when i promise to him that i will change i go back to my old self doing the same things that i told him that i wont do. and i’mfeeling it in my soul that god is running away from me because i have so many sins…
    but i really need help because i really want to serve god


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