Who is Jesus to you?

Mark 8:29 Then he asked them, “But who do you say I am?”

Who is Jesus to you?

Is He just the Son of God or a good person? Is He a prophet, a philosopher, or no one special? Is He real or fake?

As a Christian, you may call Him savior but is He Lord of your life? Do you strive to follow Him with all your heart, mind, soul, and strength? Or is He someone you dabble with on Sunday’s and when things get bad?

Do you keep Him in a box and take Him out when needed – or do you keep Him in the forefront of everything?

Jesus will not force Himself into your life; but will also not refuse you. He desires to fill you with the Holy Spirit and dwell in you. He desires to rule every aspect of your life; but only through your obedience.

So, who is Jesus to you?

Abba Father, You are Lord to me! You are life to me! I cannot imagine what life would be like without You. You are everything, Jesus!!! YES&AMEN

2 thoughts on “Who is Jesus to you?

  1. Amen! It is easy for us to accept Jesus as our Savior but much harder to accept Him as Lord of our lives. However, when we begin to surrender our plans, desires, and hopes to Him we find ourself beginning to desire what He desires, wanting to do His plan not ours and seeing the hope He provides. Be blessed today and find a way to bless someone else!


  2. JESUS ??? He is the lover of my life, my friend, teacher, MY GOD ! He is the strong arm I lean on. He is the one I praise all the time no matter what. He is the one that I care about what He thinks of me. And I see Him in others! He is my Savior, and my Master, His Word is final! He is the reason I have life in me. He is my creator ! Anyone else wants to swing down out of a tree, I’ll tell them the Truth, then leave it between them & my God. Jesus is my every thing.


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