Ministry is never failure.

churchbldg 001

In 1998, Skipper and Alicia bought the [church] building, feeling led to make a Christian school in the area. They took time and money and renovated the front half with classrooms, restrooms, and a kitchen area.
I remember stopping by many times and visiting with them.
I felt drawn to the place! Continue reading

Yesterday, today, and tomorrow!

yesterdayThe building where CrossRoads is located is an old skating rink. It’s 100 feet long and 50 feet wide, more or less.

The land on which it sits was once the sight of Holy Ghost filled tent revivals. My wife, Linda, lived within shouting distance of the location and still recalls hearing the singing, preaching, and praising. Continue reading

Where is your name written?

book of lifeSomething I’ve noticed is how many have their name on a church roll somewhere and never attend church.
In one church the membership numbered 168 but the actual number that came to service was more like 40.
Another church had almost an identical statistic. Continue reading

Anoint my eyes that I may see!

eye salveWhen I left Macedonia Baptist, I had no place to go; no other church had called me to pastor. So Linda and I returned to our home church but I wasn’t the same as I was 6 years earlier. Continue reading

The Permissive Pastor

kirbyvilleWhile I was attending JBC I was often sent to churches to preach. Many of these trips were to just fill-in and a few were in view of a call.
However I never was called to be a pastor at any of them. Continue reading