Getting permission!

Being in radio I have to deal with the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) from time to time.
Anytime there needs to be a change to our operations that affect power, height, or transmitting equipment, the FCC wants to be notified and will often have to give permission to proceed. Continue reading

Blind to Correction!

I was a teenager helping some good friends with the business they managed– a theater.

One night I was talking with the manager at the snack bar when some young men across the room were pretty loud and boisterous. Continue reading

The Flash Flood of Words

It has been a devastating weekend in the Texas Hill Country. Heavy amounts of rain caused flash flooding that has swept away trees, houses, bridges, and people.

A family of four was caught in a house when the floods came and only the dad has been found several miles downstream. His wife and two children are still unaccounted for. Continue reading