The Final Stress

judgment_day_terrorYesterday I took a look at stress and how it relates to not following God’s word and will in your life.
I thought I would continue along the same thought today.

What is the opposite of stress?
There are a variety of answers dependent on who is asked. But it seems the top answers are relaxed, calm, and peaceful. Continue reading

Stress free Yoke

yoke of oxenI have a Facebook friend that lives just down the road from me and recently she and I have been picking at each other about our personalities. She’s Type A and I’m Type B.

One of our conversations went like this:

HER-Finally seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. Whew! Continue reading

What will you become?

graduateIt’s the final week of school, at least for some of the school districts around my area.
It’s the last week for the seniors of our church to walk the hallways of Hemphill High School or to roam around Broaddus High. Continue reading

Protecting Life

unexpected pregnancyOne of the great sins of our nation is its failure to protect the unborn. They are seen as disposable tissue with no purpose and not life. Certainly in the hands of lawmakers and abortionists the unborn have no chance. Continue reading

The Protecting Wife!

protective wifeIn a marriage it is the responsibility of each spouse to protect the other. I know the greater responsibility is for the husband to protect the wife and children. However there are times the wife must protect the husband from himself.

There is a great story about this in 1 Samuel 25. Continue reading