Family and Reunions

Over the past weekend, I had a family reunion on my mother’s side. It’s called the Hook Reunion.

My great grandfather, Ed Hook, and his wife, Mary Ellen Goodwin, had nine children. Continue reading

Ther servant, the waiter, and the pastor.

The church is a diversity of people with different needs. As pastor I see the difference each time I’m in front of the congregation.
I see the very young and very old. In between is a vast variety of others. Continue reading

Hearing God Today.

“Arise and go into the city, and you will be told what you must do.” Acts 9:6
That happens to me every day!
I get up.
I go to Lufkin. Continue reading

An Elevator, Book in the Bible, and a TV Dinner

Just for fun, I did this alphabetical list about myself on Facebook.

A- Age:59
B- Biggest fear: none
C- Current time: 705am
D- Drink you last had: coffee Continue reading

The Godly Relationship

You will remember this old song:

Tim and Linda
Sitting in a tree,
First comes love,
then comes marriage,
then comes Linda
with a baby carriage!

At one time the tradition of the song was followed – a man and woman fell in love, got married, and raised a family. Continue reading

Get rich.

I read this verse in a new light this morning while doing a study on temptation.

Those who desire to be rich fall into temptation and a snare, and into many foolish and harmful lusts which drown men in destruction and perdition. 1 Tim 6:9 Continue reading

Mistaken Identity

This morning the news contained a story of mistaken identity.
A woman in Tyler had almost $400 in toll charges on Dallas area tollways, some of which are physically impossible for her to have driven. Continue reading

Judgment or concern?

Everyone is so concerned about being judged by someone else. From time to time I see the same meme on Facebook that says “don’t judge me because I sin differently from you!” Continue reading

Stand strong in Blasphemous Times

He opened his mouth in blasphemy against God, to blaspheme His name, His tabernacle, and those who dwell in heaven. Rev 13:6

We are living in blasphemous times, where it seems everything done is against God.
I believe it is only the beginning. Continue reading


Waiting is a fact of life.
I just saw where someone was at the doctor’s office for three hours waiting for their appointment for a simple checkup, which would take just a few minutes to do. Continue reading