A Great Reward

Last week’s church camp brought me into the reality of what each of us is capable of in the kingdom of God.
On the first day a young lady walked up to me, waving and smiling.
“Do you remember me?” she asked.
To be honest, I remembered her face but not her name.
“Sure,” I said. “You were here last year!”
She smiled and said, “You helped me get saved!”
My mind quickly went back to that evening a year ago when our two church groups were sharing the same tabernacle for our joint evening devotional.
I remember talking with her.
I remember praying with her.
I remember her praying and asking Jesus into her heart.
“I remember!” I said.
There is no better feeling in the world than knowing you have helped someone receive eternal life.
12-year old Christan lives around Sulphur Springs, Texas, a four hour drive from my home.
But distance cannot prevent the saving grace of the Father.
It is written now he who plants and he who waters are one, and each one will receive his own reward according to his own labor. 1 Cor 3:8
I don’t know if I planted or if I watered, but I received a great reward in her salvation.
I like that reward.
I want more of that kind of reward.

Pastor Tim & Christan

2 thoughts on “A Great Reward

  1. Bringing someone into the Kingdom of Christ is a true blessing. Personaly I’d like to recieve a lot of those blessings. I am blessed to get to walk up to strangers and say something I’d not comtemplated. I watch their countenous begin to glow, or tears begin to flow as they would say, I hadn’t realized that. A timely Word from Father God of His love gives strength, hope, courage.


  2. That is such a touching story and one we can relate to as this is something that has happened to us as well.
    Keep doing what you do Tim because right when you least expect it, something like this happens.
    Awesome story!


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