Don’t Avoid God!

I watched as a young man drove up outside the building.
Inside his arrival was noticed by another young man that announced it to everyone.
One young lady looked up and asked, “What?” and then her gaze turned towards the windows.
Her expression changed from curiosity to disgust.
Just before the young man opened the door, she grabbed a large soft drink cup and and said, “I’m going to take a long drink. This is so good.”
She put the straw in her mouth and lowered her head back to her laptop in an attempt to avoid eye-contact or conversation with the young man walking in the door.
I wonder what he had done that she felt like that.
He walks in and everyone one in the room knows the feelings of the young woman; everyone but him.
I admit there have been times I have avoided someone; most of the time it’s because they talk too much, hold me up, and make me late or delay me.
Is there ever a time you are ashamed of your Christianity?
I think most are more ashamed of themselves than they are of Christ.
They’re ashamed of the way they have not lived up to what they say they believe.
They hang their head in shame when someone asks in a sarcastic way, “Aren’t you suppose to be a Christian?”
Hold your head up high!
Believe in God!
Live for Him!
Speak up for Him.
Don’t avoid His word.
Don’t avoid praying!
Don’t avoid the fellowship!
It is written, God is not ashamed to be called their God. Heb 11:16

One thought on “Don’t Avoid God!

  1. I believe time is short, I have a responcabilty before God to speak of Him before whom ever He puts in my path. It’s not hard. Last Tue., in drivers training class, I listened and learned one of my fellow students knows the Lord. Thursday evening, last class, I pushed. I began to speak scripture (not quoting it) Someone else did that. I started asking, Do you know the Lord Jesus as your saviour? Before the class was over we all were confessing Christ and speaking scripture. I may not get a second chance to witness to someone. In Malachi 3:16 there is a book of remimberance written for those who speak or just think on HIM. In the book with my name on it I want no blank pages! My God loves me. He is real!!! If someone doesn’t want to hear what I have to say, they can move away from me.


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