My Flag, My Banner!

My dad served in the army and fought in Korea.
He never talked much about it so I don’t know much about it.
There are a few stories about sleeping cocooned up because of the nutria.
Nutria, also called a Nutra-rat, is a large aquatic rodent that looks like a big rat.
They can weigh up to 20 lbs and have huge buck teeth like a beaver.
Dad said that is wasn’t uncommon for one to jump on your chest while you were sleeping.
If you had some exposed face you might end up with a chunk missing out of your cheek.
He talked about some of the men that he made friends with, one of which was a man named Johnny. (Dad later married Johnny’s widow, Helen, who became my step-mom.)
I remember him talking about riding a train to the front lines.
He said he looked up into some of the surrounding mountainside and saw 3 crosses.
He knew then that he would make it home from Korea and so he did!
Dad was wounded in Korea and received a purple heart.
I also think he may have a silver or bronze star, I’m not sure.
One other thing, every Veteran is allowed to have military honors at his funeral, if so requested.
Dad had a flag draped casket and an honor guard that played taps.
The flag was presented to me.
I have another flag that I am also very proud of and fly higher than I do any American flag.
I treat this flag with the utmost of respect and, even as an American, will not hesitate to bow down to it.
It is the flag, the banner, of the Lord God.
You have given a banner to those who fear You, that it may be displayed because of the truth. Ps 60:4
There is no nation greater than Him.
There is no leader that stands over Him; no presidential palace or kingdom can raise up above the Lord Jesus Christ.
I fly His flag, His banner in my heart, in my speech, and in the way I live.
Lift high the banner of Jesus and let the world see Him living in you!

4 thoughts on “My Flag, My Banner!

  1. I was tought to respect Ole Glory. Dad was in the Navy during WW2. My two older brother were in the Navy during the Vietnam conflect, my son was in the Air Force. There were high school boys I grew up with killed in Vietnam. I’m a grandmother now and still there are boys & girls being killed so I can enjoy my life style. All under the banner, The Stars & Strips. The flag is of natural matterals as is our Bible and neither is an idol, but both represent my beleafe, my way of life. Both desirve respect and protection. If a person don’t want what they offer simply get away from them! Go to where they are not!


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