All Dogs Go To Heaven?

Are not two sparrows sold for a copper coin? And not one of them falls to the ground apart from your Father’s will. But the very hairs of your head are all numbered. Do not fear therefore; you are of more value than many sparrows. Matt 10:29-31
This question came up on the KSWP Facebook page the other evening – So do you think we will see our dearly departed pets in heaven when we get there? nila~
Here are the responses, plus mine.

  • Yes! Heaven is to be perfect — if some of the most-loved parts of our lives aren’t there, would it still be perfect? 🙂
  • No, animals have no soul.
  • They are also God’s creations…..I don’t see why not!!!
  • Everyone thinks Heaven is like Earth. When it clearly says in the word. We are created to worship God. Sorry no family as we know it no pets. You are going to see the King of Kings and to worship him and him only and what a joy that will be.
  • As much as I would love to see my past and present pets in Heaven sadly, they have no soul so you will not see them. Dony Swaggert has touched on this on Frances and Friends on SBN too.
  • Yes. God made sure they would survive the flood. Jesus points out that God takes care of the sparrow. We do not know God’s plans but that tells me that He cares about ALL creatures He created.
  • I’ve had some pets that had more compassion and love in their hearts than people. You could look into their eyes and feel love. Dedication and submission beyond expectations. Whether or not they are in Heaven when we get there…..I thank God for blessing us with them here on this sometimes lonely and cruel earth full of lost souls.
  • Well, surely you’ve seen “All Dogs Go To Heaven” haha 🙂 I may not can back it up with fact, but I would like to think so.
  • I definitely hope so.
  • Read Ecclesiastes 3 and Psalms 36. By Hebrew and Greek definitions, I would deduce animals have a soul, but not a spirit. The soul is the seat of will and emotion, which some animals have. The spirit is given only to humans, by God, which gives you self-awareness, logic and reasoning ability, understanding of life and death, and the inner conscience which makes us aware of God and our own sin nature, thus the need for a Savior. Both the soul and spirit are eternal.
  • I believe dogs do go to Heaven…after all dog is the mirror of God.
  • I hope so.
  • Yes, because it is part of God’s creation. The Bible says He even cares for the sparrow, so I know He must care for our pets as well.
    I believe that God loves all creatures great and small. Why would he have saved them when the great flood came? I would like to hear Mr. Pastor Tim Swanson thought on this. I am sure all of you know him and his wife Linda Swanson , if you don’t know them they are two wonderful true Christians, who can give you advice or their thoughts on issues like this. They always reply back with an answer that always helps me.
  • They are god’s creatures. I believe God has a special place for them.
  • I’ll just be glad if I make it.
  • (PastorTim Swanson)
    I don’t want to burst anyone’s bubble, but household pets are a fairly new concept. Most animals were either for eating or work. In a poor agrarian society most did not have enough food to feed themselves, much less pets. Even in the Bible we see such things as wild dogs, like the ones that ate Jezebel. Perhaps there were some rich households could afford pets as an exotic display, like leopards, monkeys, or different kinds of birds, such as peacocks. When the Bible speaks about the resurrection it speaks of the dead in Christ rising. At the resurrection of Christ, many saw their loved ones come back from the grave but it never says anything about seeing their pets. Of course, in the days of Jesus it was a more agrarian society and they probably didn’t have pets. So I am doubtful…call me a heavenly-pet-agnostic…if they are there…it’s ok with me…if they are not…it’s still ok with me. I am more interested in seeing more of the people that Christ died for being there!
  • Well I don’t know what happens to them after they die, but they are God’s creatures and while they are on this earth God gave them loving people like us to love them and care for them. I still like to think God has a special place for them, if nothing else a special place in His heart. I’m looking at my little Jack now and I know God brought us together. God has a special purpose for them while they are on this earth.

Next time I’d like to take a better look at what the Bible says.

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