11 years later

11 years ago the first church service began at CrossRoads Christian Center Church.
There were about 70 with us on that day as we met in what is now the fellowship hall.
We praised, prayed, and worshipped in a space not much bigger than 30’ x 30’.
I don’t remember whether I played the guitar or if Joann played the piano.
We didn’t have any hymnals so we sang some well known songs that we grew up with.
Everyone sat in metal folding chairs, straight back chairs; whatever we could find.
I didn’t even take up an offering that day but I had some give me their tithe as they walked out the door after service.
I couldn’t begin to tell you what the first message was or the scripture I used.
I was excited; it was the beginning.
Many things have changed at the church over the years.
Renovation, improvement, and we bought some hymnals but upgraded to an overhead projector and finally to multi-media.
Carpet, windows, doors, cabinets, flooring, tables and chairs have been added.
And probably 300 different people have wandered through the doors; many stayed for a while, some moved on, and others are still with us.
We’ve seen manifestations of God’s Spirit and His gifts; and we’ve seen dry times.
One thing that hasn’t changed; God’s word!
I still preach from it and try to use it more than my own thoughts or the ideas of other Christian ministers or authors.
God’s word doesn’t change and if faith comes by hearing, and hearing by the word of God (Rom 10:17) then there is nothing else I need preach and teach.
The word of God cannot be mixed with other teachings or diluted with the doctrine of men. It is the word of God which lives and abides forever. 1 Peter 1:23
When you join us for worship at CrossRoads, even though it’s 11 years later, you will still hear the word of God!

One thought on “11 years later

  1. There is life & beauty in the Word. Life changing power, and wisdom premiate the scriptures. Although our true enimy is unseen, (for he is not flesh & blood) our strongest weapon is “it is written”, that is the Word of God spoken with faith. Victory maybe a while in comming, BUT God is faithful! And we’ll win the battle. The Word is timeless & continously powerful. Never give up God always comes through. Keep preaching IT brother… till HE comes.


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