Pompous & Permissive

In my last Morning Thought, I somewhat introduced you to Bob.
Yet as I left the story I had not been properly introduced to him.
Let’s pick up from there.
While I’m standing in the reference book section, specifically looking at some photography books, this elderly gentleman makes it to that dead end aisle and says again, “Yes, sir! I sure like your shirt”, meaning my “Pray” shirt with 2 Chronicles 7:14 on it.
Again I reply with “Thank you” and the conversation begins.
He tells me that his name is Bob and we need more prayer; “I believe in that word – pray!” he says.
Bob is Church of Christ but could have easily missed salvation altogether.
It seems he wasn’t raised in church.
“Dad didn’t have much use for Baptists. Don’t get me wrong – there are some truly good Baptists and all.” Bob told me.
But it seems that his mom had been deathly ill when he was a young boy. No “religious” person came over to visit during that time. When she was on the mend, a couple of ladies from the local Baptist church visited.
“They told momma that they were glad she didn’t pass on because she’d be in hell right now!” recounted Bob. “That’s something you just don’t ever say to someone. It’s not up to us to judge who goes to hell and who doesn’t!”
He went on to tell me that sometime later one of those “church women” was kicked out of church for adultery; “And they say they believe in ‘once saved always saved’ and that they can do anything they please with no consequence!”
The actions of these ladies could have easily prevented the whole family from seeking God; no doubt that some members of Bob’s family were turned away from salvation.
It struck me that a great many Christian’s are somewhere between pompous and permissive.
It is that arrogant chip that some carry on their shoulder that pushes people away from Christ – the “holier than thou” attitude.
Jesus said in Mark 9:42, “But whoever causes one of these little ones who believe in Me to stumble, it would be better for him if a millstone were hung around his neck, and he were thrown into the sea.”
Sometimes we don’t give someone a chance to be a believer; we start offending them right off the bat.
Are there going to be people in eternal punishment? The Bible seems to indicate that idea.
Who are they? It is those whose names are not written in the Book of Life.
And if the names are not written in the book, how is it we are so familiar with each one that we can positively determine who goes to hell?
Then there is the other side of the pendulum; that side of Christianity that we see so much of today – the permissive side.
It’s become taboo in many churches to breach many subjects like being gay, a woman’s right to choose, sexual intimacy between two unmarried people, or even talk about hell, much less preach about it.
There is a middle ground between pompous and permissive; it is contained in the words of the Bible.
When we remove our thoughts and desires out of the equation, the Bible gives us God’s truth on how to live and relate to Him and to each other.

3 thoughts on “Pompous & Permissive

  1. God is so good to us! He even gave us a book to help us know Him & His ways. And whats more, He gave us His Spirit to help us understand. The stroy of David fits every generation. A man loves Gods, wants to do good but fails many times, BUT his desire toward God is so real God honors it. He will honor those today that truely seek Him. God will even work on the ungodly if we’ll pray for them.


  2. we play around with disobedience like it aint no big deal..and it’s the key to being a sucessfull christian.. it’s a measure of how much we really believe in God..and how much we truely love him, it’s a measure of how much you love your friends and family. If we truely believe we will struggle with our disobedience because it offers no hope to the outside observer, and thats what we as christians should be doing with our lives offering hope and not enabling unbelieving friends and family to be comfortable in their disobedience..


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