Finding what you are not looking for!

Last year I upgraded my phone to an iPhone4s. I took my old iPhone3g and gave it to Linda.
She took her old phone and put it away.
This past week, our daughter was having trouble with her phone. It seems the screen is going out and she having trouble seeing text and pictures.
So the logical solution is to give her Linda’s old phone, the one we put away… somewhere!
We looked here and we looked there and could not find that phone. We found the one she had before that one but it’s an older model but we couldn’t find the charger for it.
So now we are searching for the old phone and an older phone charger!
We search high and low and never found either.
I remember Linda saying, “If we’ll look for something else we’ll find it!”
That’s so true! I can’t tell you how many times I find something I have looked for while I’m looking for something else.
So yesterday Kimberly was over at a friend’s house, who had a drawer full of old phone chargers.
She called us and wanted to know the brand of the phone.
So… we started searching for it.
Now remember we had just found it a couple of days ago.
And we searched; and we searched; and we scratched our heads.
Finally I took a drawer we have looked in several times and completely emptied it out.
I found the phone we were looking for!
And I found the phone we were really looking for!
Linda was right! We found it when we were looking for something else!
The Bible contains such an example.
Long ago there was a serious famine that affected everyone, including a man named Jacob and his family.
But word arrived that there was food in a neighboring country.
When Jacob saw that there was grain in Egypt, Jacob said to his sons, “Why do you look at one another?” And he said, “Indeed I have heard that there is grain in Egypt; go down to that place and buy for us there, that we may live and not die.” Gen 42:1-2
What they were looking for in Egypt was food; what they found was a long lost son and brother, Joseph.
What they were looking for in Egypt was enough to keep them alive; what they found was salvation in food, land, and green pastures.
They were not searching for their brother but they found him and they found forgiveness!
What will you find the next time you’re not looking for what you’d like to find?
When you go to church to sing, to worship, to hear the word, what else will you find?
Much like yesterday’s story, a man comes to church looking for financial help and leaves with Jesus’ love and forgiveness instead!
What will you find?

One thought on “Finding what you are not looking for!

  1. Many times I’ve gone into prayer either for someone else or just to praise my Master and He stepped in & took me to places I’d not been before. A few times it was deeper into His heart. One particular time it was so deep into my self I could never have gone there on my own, nor accomplished the “good”. I like it when I’m privileged to be shown by God what I’ve not looked for. And you know when we lose a thing, it’s not lost to God! He knows where it is.


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