Unstoppable Faith

When it comes to church camp, our church is blessed to live just 1-hour away from Daniel Springs Baptist Encampment.
There is only one church closer and they are about 15-minutes away.
But there is a church group that braves 9 hours of driving to come every year. They call Gulf Shores, Alabama home.
This year our camp theme was Unstoppable Faith. Little did the Gulf Shores campers know that once they left Texas that faith was going to be tested.
A few hours into the trip home, their air-conditioner in the church van decides to quit. Summer in mid-Louisiana is as hot as in Texas. So the sweltering 100 degree temps were not mixing well with the 4-day old camp smell in the back of the van.
In Delhi, La, a local patron told them of a mechanics shop. The man stopped what he was doing to help them out. Their compressor was going out but he charged up the a/c and said it should last until they get home.
On ward they went until the pastor’s wife realized she had left her purse at the mechanics shop with all of the church funds in it.
It was after 5pm and the mechanic had closed up for the day. Pastor Al found his phone number and called him at home.
The mechanic went to the shop and got the purse. He then took it to his sister, who happens to run the only UPS/FedEx package store in town.
By this time they have been on the road for over 6 hours.
As they near get closer to home they stop at a KFC to eat supper. Without the church card, which is still in Louisiana, Pastor must use his own debit card to buy food for his 20 hungry and tired campers.
His card is declined. It seems the pastor’s wife had put a travel alert on the account that they would be in Texas area until Friday and not to hold up any purchases. But it was only on her card.
After a few hundred minutes on the phone with the bank, they are eating their bucket of chicken.
Pastor Al testifies to everyone in KFC about how Satan has thrown so much at them but God has circumvented it all.
About that time a UPS man walks in and they give him a standing ovation.
God is good and we need to take the time to stop and see what He is doing every day!
Isa 62:3 – The Lord will hold you in his hand for all to see—

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