I Remember

remember copy“This is my body, which is given for you. Do this to remember me.” Luke 22:19

Last Saturday we had a waterslide and a snow cone maker for Vacation Bible School. The slide would be picked up but I had to return the snow cone maker on Monday.

Monday morning I drove right by the church on my way to work – and never gave the snow cone maker a thought.

Later that day, Linda had bought some fresh peas and she stopped and put then in the church refrigerator on her way to meet me in Lufkin. When she returned back through she stopped by the church again.
She called me and asked if I was suppose to take the snow cone maker back.
“Oh, no!” I exclaimed. “I forgot all about it!”

That’s the way it seems to be these days. I forget little things. But I’m not the only one.
That evening while we’re watching TV Linda suddenly says, “I forgot the peas at the church!”

I can’t help but laugh at us!

While having coffee the next morning I remember the snow cone maker and begin to make a memory for it by saying “Snow cone maker” over and over and over. At the same time Linda is saying, “Peas” over and over.
It seems I have to do this more and more these days to remember a few things.

But in the midst of my forgetfulness is something I have no trouble remembering – that is my Savior.
In January 1975 I accepted His love, grace, and forgiveness for me. Since that time I have become a minister, a DJ at two Christian radio stations, and a pastor. I fully remember Him and what He did for me on that cross.

Of course, I think about Him every day! I call on His name every day! I read His word every day!

I am so thankful that He also remembers me!

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