Confession Heals

I-ConfessYou may have heard the old saying “confession is good for the soul.”
You may not know how true that is.
James 5:16 says confess your sins to each other and pray for each other so that you may be healed.

Not too long ago a good friend confessed to me some things. I was somewhat shocked. My vow to anyone is to maintain that confidence of not telling anyone else.

Why was I told these things? Was it for my benefit?
No, but for the person that confessed it to me.
This person was healed of carrying around the guilt and shame of sin.

I do not think worse of this person. Just the opposite – I think more of them.

God promises healing to those that confess. If you are carrying a burden of sin – confess.
If you are weighed down by guilt – confess.

If confession started in the church there would be a great healing!

Confess and be healed.

2 thoughts on “Confession Heals

  1. Confess. Not here. Except to say I always stand in the need of prayer, mercy, patience, love, wisdom, teaching… my need is real. I’m not a mess cause God don’t make junk!


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