The death of Death!

Num 33:38 Then Aaron the priest went up to Mount Hor at the command of the Lord, and died there…

It will happen to everyone – death.

It does not respect your youth and doesn’t honor your old age. It comes at the most inopportune time and uses various methods to fulfill itself. Along with taxes, it’s one of the sure things of life. It affects all and touches every other life.

It has an appointment with you! (Heb 9:27)

I have often wondered how it met Aaron. He traveled up the mountain only to be met by it. Did he have a heart attack? Did he slip and fall? Or did God allow him to just die in his sleep?

And yet the Lord Jesus gives you the ability to cheat death from victory. Your trust in Him will give you the strength to live forever!

His work on the cross was the death of death!

And as an added bonus for those living at just the right time – you will escape the pain and sorrow of death completely and just be “caught up” to meet the Savior!

Death is not something to fear – it is something to be conquered (in Christ)!

Abba Father, I am prepared to die but I’m not ready to die. I love to see new life come to those that aren’t prepared or ready! I bless the name of Jesus for giving me victory over death. And I pray that I am around at the right time! YES&AMEN

One thought on “The death of Death!

  1. I am told that all believers have the hope of leaving this earth when Jesus appears in the sky. I do believe that there is not enough time for death to catch me before my Lord returns for His believers, for me. Some want me to prepay my funeral…I don’t want to spend that money on what I’m not going to need. Should the Lord cause me to know I do need to do this, then I will. I am used to hearing from Him…I don’t want to act without His direction.


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