Roll away the stone!

John 11:39 Jesus said, “Take away the stone.”

What is holding you back?

For Lazarus, it was a few minor things like death, being bound, and a stone over the mouth of his tomb.
I say “minor” because these things were all overcome by Jesus.

What is keeping you from living for Christ to your fullest potential?

I am discovering how many Christians don’t read their Bible. They have no idea what it says.

Prayer is not an everyday part of their lives. The only experience with prayer is when someone else does it or they feel they really need God to help with something.

Church is optional to them. They can worship God just as well in a lot of other places and doing a lot of other things. Trust me – if you are doing other things then you aren’t worshipping God to your fullest potential.

They are dead to the word, to prayer, and to worshipping God. They need the stone rolled away so they can be revived and released.

What is the stone in your life? Ask God to move it!

Abba, my stone can be pride; my stone can be family or friends. Sometimes my stone is laziness or TV. Please roll away the stone. In Jesus’ name, YES&AMEN

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