Give Honor

Gen 14:20 And [Abram] gave [Melchizedek] a tithe of all.

Who is this man that Abram would give him a tenth of all?

He was a king of a city and a priest of the Most High God, but is that enough to warrant such giving?

Perhaps in such a godless land, Abram was glad to enjoy fellowship with someone that believed and followed God as he did. And this wasn’t just some ordinary person. The fact that he was a king and priest made him much more unique, especially when you compare him to the king of Sodom, an exceedingly wicked man.

Today we honor special people.

I once was received an email from a man I did not know. He wanted to know if I was the Tim Swanson that served with him in Vietnam.
I told him I was in high school when the war ended.
But then I thanked him for his service in Vietnam to help keep freedom for a kid like me so I could stay in high school.

He wrote back and said he’d never been thanked for his service in Vietnam.

As Abram gave a portion of his goods to honor Melchizedek – surely you can give a portion of your time and effort to honor someone that has made a difference in your life – no matter how small.

And how much more should you honor the Lord and Savior for what He has done for you, which is so much!

Abba Father, my praise is insufficient to honor You. My tithe is insufficient. The truth is I can never do enough for what You have done for me. I can offer nothing to You but my life. Take me – I am Yours. In Jesus’ name, YES&AMEN.

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