Liberty in Christ

To set at liberty those who are oppressed; Luke 4:18

Liberty is freedom!

The Founding Father’s were all about liberty and freedom. Reading the Declaration and the Constitution will give you a real sense of the liberty they meant for all that live in these United States.

But liberty and freedom doesn’t not give people the right to loot, pillage, and destroy property.

There are laws pertaining to these crimes. There are thousands of laws pertaining to all kinds of crimes. Still people continue to freely disobey the law.

How can the death of a young black man by a policeman justify the burning of police cars and the stealing of television sets?

What people need is Jesus – not more protesting and rioting.

If you feel oppressed, it is Jesus that can give you liberty.

I am free to do anything – ANYTHING in Christ Jesus. But the Holy Spirit keeps my spirit in submission on what that anything is! I am not free to sin but am set free not to sin.

This country (and the world) needs the liberty of Jesus against oppression.

Abba, I pray for those that are oppressed by sin and seeking liberty through crimes, drugs, hurting themselves, suicidal tendencies, or excuses. I pray that I may deliver the message of deliverance to those I meet, in Jesus name, YES&AMEN