The End and the Beginning

The end of a thing is better than its beginning; Eccl 7:8

Today is the fulfillment of that verse.

This is the last day of the year. You already know what this year has held for you, whether good or bad. You’ve made it this far. The end is here.

You may be looking at the New Year with anticipation and hope but you don’t know what tomorrow brings much less the whole year.

This past year may have been the worse you’ve ever experienced but the next may be even more so.

This past year things may have been looking up and you finally have your head above water. There’s no guarantee that will continue into the New Year.

I’m not trying to be pessimistic and gloom and doom.

The point is this – the only future you know is the end. For the Christian that means eternal life in the presence of the Father. Getting from here to there can be full of trials, tribulations, heartaches, joy, happiness, and spiritual fulfillment.

The end of a trial is better than the beginning because at the end you can see how God helped you through it.

Even so, the end of the year is better than the beginning because you can see how God has brought you through it.

I for one am grateful for that. But I also look forward to seeing what He does in the New Year.

Whatever the year holds I know God will see me through it. And at this time next year I’ll be looking back and saying, “Look what God has done!”

Abba, in Jesus name, Your blessings continue to flow through the old and the new. YES&AMEN

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