What is said once you’re gone.

And devout men carried Stephen to his burial, and made great lamentation over him. Acts 8:2

I look at obituaries quite often and usually find myself reading several and learning about people I never knew.

Some obit’s are lengthy and give elaborate details of that person’s life. It’s almost like reading a book. Not too many details are left out.

Other people have little said about them. Their age and where they lived or maybe where they had moved from. It will list where the burial will be or if there is a memorial service later.

The one statement that always gets to me was “she was a member of the Baptist (or other) church.”
It won’t even mention the name of the church.

Now if that’s all the family wanted to say, it’s fine. But, for me, it makes me think they just attended the church every so often – that they weren’t really committed.

Now look at it from the pastor’s viewpoint. You owe it to him/her to be a committed, faithful, filled with the Spirit member. That way the pastor knows all about you and can share with everyone at your funeral what a saint you were.

For me, there have been those types of sermons at funerals and then there have been hard ones because I really didn’t know a lot about someone because they never came to church.

I want you to live for God so that when you die – Satan is glad to see you go, there is a gaping hole in the church, the preacher has nothing bad to say about you, and God welcomes you home.

Abba, all I want is my headstone to read, “he lived as a Christian”, in Jesus name, YES&AMEN

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