Excuse me – Part 3

Some people won’t attend church because, they say, it’s full of hypocrites! So is Walmart because hypocrites do their shopping there. Or Kroger’s because hypocrites do their shopping there too.

Hypocrites go to the movies, swim at the beach, attend high school basketball games, and drive on the road.

So although some won’t go to church with them they don’t mind doing the other things with them.

It’s just another lame excuse like our next invitee.

And another said, ‘I have bought five yoke of oxen, and I am going to test them. I ask you to have me excused.’ Luke 14:19

Who would buy a car and then say, “I’ve got to try it out!”
I don’t know about you but I like to test drive it first.

Nevertheless, I’ll call this one labor because if you’re going to work with teams of oxen – you’re going to work hard.

Labor is an excuse that some use to stay out of church. Certainly there is some legitimacy for those that do work on weekends – police, firefighters, nurses, doctors, military, and the guy that watches the gauges at the nuclear power plant. I’m personally grateful for that last one!

But there is a lot of abuse when it comes to work as an excuse.

Some look for something to do so they will have the excuse of not doing what God wants for them to do. And there’s a difference between getting an ox out of the ditch (Lk 14:5) and placing it there.

Take advantage of the gift God has given – a day of rest.
A day to reflect on the One from whom all blessings come.
A day to give praise and worship to the Savior.
A day of fellowship with fellow believers – even those that seem hypocritical.

Work hard to provide for yourself and your family – but work even harder at not working on the Lord’s day.

Abba, I am thankful for those that work to keep things safe and going for the rest of us. But I pray they all get time off to worship You, in Jesus name, YES&AMEN

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