Your Passion

“I will tell you, hear me; What I have seen I will declare,…” Job 15:17

Most of us do the same as Job’s friend – we speak our mind of what we have seen and experienced.
We give our opinion on politics, sports, weather, and other people.

Each of us talk about the things we love and talk about the things we hate.

If you’ve read my blog much you know that Linda and I enjoy geocaching. We enjoy it a lot!
So I talk about it sometimes.

Today I have some friends that will go out and find their first geocache because I have talked to them about it.
Most people find a geocache and get hooked. For David and family it’s the opposite.
They’ve already bought a gps, a membership to Groundspeak, purchased iPhone app’s, and GSAK, which is a pc program for geocachers – All without finding a cache first!

I tell others about geocaching and they look at me with their head cocked sideways like I’m crazy! But not David and his family.

You know the same is true of Christ – I tell some people about the things I have seen and experienced and they are ready to accept Him as their own Savior. Meanwhile there are others that look at me like I’m crazy!

But whatever you are passionate about is what you will talk about the most. Those things for me are Christ, my family, my church, food, my work, and geocaching.

What are you passionate about?

“Go home to your friends, and tell them what great things the Lord has done for you, and how He has had compassion on you.” Mark 5:19

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