Free by the Truth

There are all kinds of stories floating around on social media and the internet. It’s really difficult to find the truth.

Here is one example. You know there are several Walmart’s closed around the country, reportedly because of plumbing problems. The one nearest me is in Livingston, Texas, just about 75 miles away. There are photo’s of trucks with military vehicles in turning into the parking lot.
There’s all the hubbub about Jade Helm attached to it.

In all the stories, in all the pictures, in all that has been said there is truth. But all of it can’t be the truth.

This is just one example. This morning I saw a photo – on one side was President Obama and on the other was President Lincoln. Under each respect president appeared to be a quote.
My question is did either say what has been attached to him?

What is the truth? It changes daily and causes fear, anxiety, and anger.

This morning I read something Jesus said and I found it a profound statement for today.

And you shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free. John 8:32

When the truth is found it sets you free from fear, anxiety, and anger.

It would seem that some things Abraham Lincoln or Barack Obama have not said can be posted so many times on social media that most believe it as the truth.
The wonderful thing about the Bible is you can pick it up and read it for yourself. You will find that it’s words are the truth and have the ability to set you free!

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