Getting permission!

Being in radio I have to deal with the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) from time to time.
Anytime there needs to be a change to our operations that affect power, height, or transmitting equipment, the FCC wants to be notified and will often have to give permission to proceed.

If certain pieces of equipment fail and need repair I have to inform the FCC that it is no longer operational.

In the Bible Solomon warned about associating with certain people saying,

Do not associate with those given to change; Prov 24:21

Wouldn’t it be something if you went to God each time you made a change in your life and, like the FCC, got permission to proceed?

I think this is what God really wants for us to do – to be led by His Spirit and seek Him in all things. In other words, get His permission.

How many things would you not do if you sought His will first? It’s something to think about.

So before you do – ask!

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