Let the judgment begin!

This just in – it is perfectly alright for you to judge!
This is the most exciting news for Christianity! I, personally, am thrilled about it.

For far too long I have had scripture thrown in my face

by those that don’t seem to live by it and may not know any other single verse in the Bible. Yet they know this one –

Judge not, that you be not judged. Matt 7:1

In reality I usually don’t get the entire verse. I get more of a “judge not” or “you shall not judge”. I have even had someone just ask, “Are you judging me?”
So I have found a retort for all those that say such things. And best of all it is scriptural!
The verse I have found is 1 Peter 4:17:

For the time has come for judgment to begin at the house of God;

The church must begin judgment internally. It must start with the pastor and deacons. The elders and presbytery must be involved. Judgment must begin with the church leadership of youth ministers, senior ministers, and children’s ministry.
It doesn’t stop there.

The church must include the song leader, praise leader, worship team, choir, singers, and band members.
It continues into the church board, trustees, and secretaries; right on down to the janitorial staff.
The missionaries the church supports needs to be involved.

Then the membership of the church must be judged.

I’m a pastor and if I were to carry this out how would I start?
With myself! I would tell the church staff and leadership what I was doing – examining myself according to God’s word.

I would tell the church as a whole what I was doing – examining myself according to God’s word.

I would encourage each person under my pastorate to do the same.
I would tell them to forget politics, the President and Supreme Court rulings; to forget about gays and the price of gas. I would say not to think about Muslims or Buddhists.
I would tell them to concentrate on God’s word and how well each of them fulfills His purpose in how they live.

To do this each of us would have to reexamine what God’s word says. That means we’re going to have to read it and meditate on it – to actually absorb the meaning.

It will be easy to pick out those parts that affect other people but we’re not here to examine them with God’s word – its self-examination.

When I begin this journey I soon discover the house of God is me! I am the Temple of the Holy Spirit – the house of God. And judgment begins within me – the house of God.

If we want to see the lost repent from their sin and come to Christ as Savior then we are going to have to judge ourselves and discover how to live as He lived.

So shall that judgment begin today?
If so, then let it begin with you and me! Let’s read!

6 thoughts on “Let the judgment begin!

  1. All through the Bible we are called to chose today. That is make a judgement. In that verse the Greek word that is translated judge, means to judge where a person will spend eternity. We are not to judge where a person will spend eternity because we do not know. But we are to judge if a fellow church member is doing right or wrong. And we are told to call out to fellow believers if we see them doing wrong according to the Bible.


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