Avoid This!

But avoid foolish disputes, genealogies, contentions, and strivings about the law; for they are unprofitable and useless. Titus 3:9

I was reading some commentary this morning on this verse. It seems the Jews of old would do this often. It evident in the scripture with some of the questions they asked Jesus (Mark 12:18-23) and some of the statements made about their own heritage (John 8:39).

But does the scripture have any bearing on today?
Foolish disputes take place all the time, usually over different beliefs in baptism, gifts of the Spirit, or interpretations of scripture and doctrine. It is senseless to argue and name call; to accuse and point fingers and declare that group or that church is totally wrong.

Genealogies come into play also. I’ve had people tell me their great-grandfather helped build the church and that their grandfather was a pastor, so the church is a family church. This is very dangerous when a church is control by genealogy, that is, a family. They will tend to keep new comers from joining for fear of losing control. I kid you not!

Are there contentions in the church? Are there people and business meetings? Then there will be contention.
I knew of a church that had such a division that phone calls were made before a business meeting to remind them to come out and vote.
I saw people show up for the meeting that I had never seen show up for preaching.
It was a travesty to Christ.

Arguing about scripture doesn’t do any good. I have a man in church that doesn’t agree as I do about some end time things. We don’t argue about it. He may state his view and I may state my view. But we don’t argue about it.
Truthfully, neither of us can claim we absolutely know we are right. And to bang heads over it would be useless and give gossipers something to talk about.
It would be unprofitable and useless.

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