We need an Ezra

I’ll be honest, I don’t like the state of the union. I believe the USA has taken a bad course and falling into perdition.
Politically speaking – I’m not thrilled about the presidential front runners. I don’t like what they say. I don’t like what they stand for.
I think we need a leader that will lead us in righteousness – to do what is right, just, and true – someone to hold to virtue, morality, and ethics.

Now while Ezra was praying, and while he was confessing, weeping, and bowing down before the house of God, a very large assembly of men, women, and children gathered to him from Israel; for the people wept very bitterly. Ezra 10:1

We could use an Ezra today.
Someone to pray, confess, weep, and bow before God; someone to lead the people back into the path of righteousness before God.
This person would be a humble person, not doing it for fame and name but because of a deep love and commitment to God and to see His people turn back from their (our) wicked ways.
It seems we are not going to do it ourselves though we know we need to.
During the time of Ezra the whole nation turned back to God and put away their transgressions.
Meanwhile, we are getting more like the days of Noah where every imagination of our heart is evil continually.
Perhaps it will take more than one Ezra type individual for our land.
Perhaps God will raise up hundreds of Ezra’s for the USA.
Pray for the country.

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