It's not fair!

For you were bought at a price; 1 Cor 6:20

Last April the CEO of a Seattle based company announced he would pay all his employees $70,000 a year salary. While that sounds wonderful on the surface, I personally think it reeks of some type of socialism.
You cannot pay everyone a large equal amount because not everyone does equal work.
Some of his employees agree and have since quit.
The CEO has resorted to renting out his own house to make ends meet.

Somewhat related, not everyone sins equally. Some commit murder. Some commit adultery. Some lie.
Perhaps others break every Commandment, while someone else only breaks a few.

The wages of sin is death. Rom 6:23.
It matters little which particular sin or how many. The payment for one sin or a million sins is the same – death.
Likewise, the payment to keep sin from killing you is Jesus. His death is the payment for you to live.
It doesn’t matter how much you sin, the blood of Jesus Christ His Son cleanses us from all sin. 1 John 1:7
That’s one payment for all your sin and that of everyone else.

That doesn’t seem fair either. It’s not fair to Jesus.
The unfairness does not lie in the payment of One Man for all sin. The unfairness of it is He died for everyone and not everyone will accept His gift of forgiveness and eternal life.
Be fair to God – accept His gift for you and share it with others.

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