No Partiality!

My brethren, do not hold the faith of our Lord Jesus Christ, the Lord of glory, with partiality. James 2:1

I have never considered myself a racist, though I will admit I think from a Caucasian mentality. After all that is what I am.
I also think from a Christian and American mentality, but that is not my point.

Years ago, I had the privilege to be at the Promise Keeper’s Pastor’s Conference in the Georgia Dome. 40,000 men were gathered inside, including the ten or so that I was traveling with.
Being in radio, I was in the press box with two friends, Dwyan and SamPaul. Dwyan is a white and SamPaul is black.
Michael Card, one of the top Christian artists at that time, came up in the box. I was excited to meet him.
I introduced myself and as Dwyan held out his hand, I introduced him. We chatted a while and took some photo’s. Then he left.

SamPaul spoke up and said, “It’s been that way all my life!”
“What way? What are you talking about?” I replied.
SamPaul responded with this, “You introduced yourself and Dwyan but never bother to introduce me! Black people often get overlooked when all whites are around!”

He was right. I did not introduce him.
I do not take SamPaul’s statement as racist or derogatory toward me. He was not trying to pick a fight. He spoke the truth. He is a Christian brother and held me accountable.
Then in my defense, there are times I have forgot to introduce my own wife to someone.
Both accounts are errors that I have tried to correct in my life. Introduce everybody that I know to everybody else that I know. Show no partiality!

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