Don't be virtually deceived!

Then many false prophets will rise up and deceive many. Matt 24:11

Pokémon Go is the latest craze to hit America. Pokémon is short for the Japanese phrase for “pocket monsters”. These fictional characters are caught and trained by humans, known as Pokémon Trainers, are then trained to battle each other for sport.
Pokémon Go uses a smart phone to locate these virtual creatures, which appear on screen in a real surrounding.
Players have been injured walking, driving, and a couple of guys fell off a cliff in Californian. All were deceived into paying more attention to their phone screen than the real world.

I am a Geocacher; I have been since 2003. I also search for geocaches; however, geocaches are real and placed by other people in respect to the surrounding area. Unlike the virtual Pokémon’s, geocachers are forbidden to place containers on private property, without consent of the owner. Most of us are respect the surrounding area and even give information like “you do not have to step in the flowerbed!”

Satan and his ministers want to lead you astray – take you places that you should not go and that can kill you. Satan is a liar and murderer! His false prophets trick you to ignore the truth of God and deceive you into believing a total lie.

I am a minister of God. I speak only what the Bible says. I do no add to it – I do not take away from it. The Bible is the Word of God in the real world to lead you to a right relationship with the Father and eternal life.

In this analogy I’m not saying that playing Pokemon Go is evil or bad. I am saying do not let something that isn’t real trick you into taking your attention off what is real.

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