To Busy to Remember.

But Abraham said, ‘Son, remember that in your lifetime you received your good things, and likewise Lazarus evil things; but now he is comforted and you are tormented. Luke 16:25

I was on my way home last Friday and had driven 25 miles when it hit me – I forgot to pick up the sno-cone machine for VBS, which was Saturday.
There was nothing to do but turn around and go back the same distance.
I was upset that I had forgotten and more upset that my iPhone didn’t remind me, which made me upset because when I checked I had forgotten to set the alarm to remind me!

The story doesn’t end there. This morning I drive 10 miles past the church on my way to work when Linda text me, “Did you get the sno-cone machine?”
I forgot it again so I had to turn around and get it.

There are several causes of memory loss. One is just aging. Another is so many other things occupying your mind.
I would like to think that my problem is the latter. After all, I was thinking about having to redo another bathroom, a major repair on the carport roof, some minor repair on the van, and about Wednesday nights Bible study along with next Sunday’s sermon, with a wedding on Saturday evening.
Yea! I believe I have too much on my mind, plus I am aging.

Regardless of retaining or losing memory, a time will come when many people will remember every idle word and sinful deed ever done.
They will remember the times they heard the Gospel, turned around, and walked away.

I don’t believe that the redeemed in Christ will remember such things. If God chooses not to remember my sins anymore, then why would He require me to remember them.
It is the lost – the unsaved that will remember the missed opportunities and the sinful life they embraced instead of the redemption of Jesus.

It is not unlike the memory problems of today. Many unsaved people have too many “other” things going on in their lives to remember Jesus.
Clear your mind. Clear your heart and let Christ save you and He’ll remember your sins no more.

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