Foot of the Cross

So when the centurion saw what had happened, he glorified God, saying, “Certainly this was a righteous Man!” Luke 23:47

Our Praise Team drummer, Doug, has a crown on a tooth. It became loose and kept falling out but Doug would pick it back up and place it back.
That is, until Saturday!

It seems he lost it at our Vacation Bible School. His first thought, it was accidentally thrown away. He was so inclined that he was taking a bag of trash home and would sift through it.
I told him there were 5 more bags in the bin at my house.
He gave up on that notion.

Then I posted the VBS pictures to Facebook. There was one of Doug lying on the ground, toothless and making a peace sign.
When he saw it his first thought was, “I bet it fell out of my pocket right there!”
So yesterday he stopped by the church and looked. The area where he had lied on the ground is at the foot of a cross that is leaning against the side of the church.
He found the crown at the foot of that cross surrounding by grass, dirt, and small white rocks from the parking lot.

You will always find the answer to life’s biggest questions at the foot of the cross.
Though the phrase is not contained in the Bible, the centurion was standing near the foot of the cross when he declared that Jesus was a righteous man.

It is at the foot of the cross that you will find salvation. You find hope and peace. You find forgiveness. And you find eternal life!
Visit the foot of the cross today and find Jesus!

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