He did it first!

When the Lord began to speak by Hosea, the Lord said to Hosea: “Go, take yourself a wife of harlotry and children of harlotry, for the land has committed great harlotry by departing from the Lord.” Hos 1:2

Has God ever asked you to do something weird? Has He asked you to do something that you really didn’t want to do?

Imagine how Hosea felt when God told him to take a prostitute as a wife. Now maybe Hosea thinks different from me. I wanted a good Christian girl and I found one. I didn’t go to a bar, the red light district, or even Farmers Only dot com. I found Linda in church.
But maybe Hosea lived near the red light district and saw Gomer every day. Perhaps he thought his love would change her wandering ways; or that God would miraculously change her.

It didn’t happen that way. At one point, Hosea bought his own wife so she would stay with him.

The whole story seems bizarre. In it you find that God doesn’t ask you to do anything He wouldn’t do.
He has done the same thing. Loved and betrothed Himself to an adulterous people. Yet He has bought us with the price of His own Son.

So next time God asks you to do something strange, remember He has done it first!

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