Dog food – People Food

John 4:34 Jesus said to them, “My food is to do the will of Him who sent Me, and to finish His work.”

Dogs and people are quite different.
I’ve watch dogs drink from puddles, lap water out of a cow trough, and chew on bone of something dead they found in the forest.

If you or I did any of those things we would be sick or dead; but the dog seems to be able to handle it.

However, I just recently learned that a dog cannot handle onions or garlic. It seems this will make our canine friends very anemic and deathly ill.
For all the gross things they eat and drink, they also should not have grapes, raisins, chocolate, caffeine, raw eggs, macadamia nuts, and even dairy products.

God made animals and people different. You should pay attention when you throw out table scraps to the dogs and cats because God made you to eat differently than them.

Another difference is God gave His Son for you so that you can have the forgiveness of sin. This is not something He did for dogs and cats. They had no need of Jesus dying on the cross for them. God died for that one creature that He formed in His image and gave the breath of life – YOU!
So that is another food for you to consider eating – the food to do the will of the Father.
It’s also a food that you can share with your pet in how you treat them.
As God cares for you – you can care for them.

One thought on “Dog food – People Food

  1. I’ve often wondered just how much animals understand. And what are their needs. Seems any animal will respond to love. Even to the needs of an other animal. The disasters we experience show us how wild animals inter act with others. As though it’s an example to us to care for one another & protect each other. The one dog I would talk to about the ways of God was different from all the other pets we’ve had. Perhaps we should be sharing the Word even with out pets.


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