The Doorkeeper

Ps 84:10 – I would rather be a doorkeeper in the house of my God than dwell in the tents of wickedness.

I see them in the movies – a doorkeeper or a doorman. It’s usually someone that stands at the door and opens it for people. I guess he/she can also be used as security by knowing who is a regular and who is not.
Should an unfamiliar person appear then the doorkeeper could inquire as to the nature of the visit, technically keeping unwanted people out.

The “tents of wickedness” will welcome everyone. Wickedness does not discriminate, but wickedness has no friends. Wickedness knows no love or forgiveness. Wickedness has no honor. Wickedness is a bosom buddy with death.

A doorkeeper at the house of God should not be there to keep people out but to also welcome everyone in!
The doors of the house of God should be open wide to everyone that desires to enter.
Inside the house of God you will find all that is missing from the tent of wickedness. Plus you will find salvation and eternal life.
You should have such comfort and assurance in your church that you invite others too it.
Be a doorkeeper. Invite others in!

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