You're being followed!

But if you do not do so, then take note, you have sinned against the Lord; and be sure your sin will find you out. Num 32:23

I’m sure you’ve heard about Republican Presidential nominee Donald Trump’s crude language regarding women; “locker room talk”, as he called it. This happened in 2005 and followed him into the present.

The thing is every person has said or done something that follows them around.
I have a friend that wants to get into law enforcement. Upon doing a background check on him, the agency found a  Facebook post from five years ago. It wasn’t a real bad remark and it’s probably one you’ve seen some of today’s young people make about their really close friends.
Nevertheless, the agency did not care for it.

For Trump and my friend it’s just one incident. I’m sure Mr. Trump has a few more things that will be revealed and many more that won’t.

You and I have committed many atrocities before a just and holy God. There is not one that won’t be revealed on the day of judgment. All things will come to light. Your sin will find you out.

However, the blood of Jesus has the ability to cover your sin; to remove your sin so that God remembers the sin no more.

No matter what you have done or said, don’t let it follow you before God. Ask the Lord Jesus to remove it. It won’t follow you any longer!

2 thoughts on “You're being followed!

  1. I thank God through Christ I’ve been cleansed. I do know that the devil likes to bring the past up at his will to do the most harm. So I just start praising God that He gave His Son’s blood, His very life to forgive me & wash it off me. I use it as a testimony. I see where Mr. Trump has asked my Savior into his heart…Mr. trump has received the same cleaning. I just want to thank God! And look froward to having a son of God in that office.


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