In His Image

He is the image of the invisible God… Col 1:15

I look a lot like my dad. He was bald, now I am too! You see the reflection of his facial features in me, with some variations from my mom.
Each person tends to favor the combination of the two people that brought him or her here. I have heard it said if you want to know what a young woman will look like in 30 years, look at her mom.
Sometimes that holds true as if it was the letter of the law.

God is a Spirit. He has no body like you and me. Yet, when He chose a body to live and breathe among us, He chose Jesus.
Jesus is the image of God, maybe not physically, but certainly in manner, virtue, love, forgiveness, grace, and all the other values of the Father.

As much as I favor my dad, I want to favor my Father. I want to be His image for the world to see. I want all to see Christ in me.

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