And they remembered His words. Luke 24:8

After the death and burial of Jesus, several of the women go down to the tomb to finish with His burial on the first day of the week.
His body is nowhere to be found.
What they did find were two men in shining, white clothing. These two assured the women Jesus was risen.

They remembered His words.

Why didn’t it dawn on them it was the first day of the week?
Why didn’t the combination of the first day of the week and an empty tomb jar their memories?

Funny how each of us have moments like this.
You know what God’s word says about promises and faithfulness. Words that declare He will take care of you – never leave you or forsake you.
You want to believe these promises.
You want to walk by faith but disaster and problems strike and you wander around wondering where He is!

Then He comes through. He proves once again His unfailing love.
You remember His words and promises.
His words are always with you. There is no need to just remember them. You can live them.

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