Bitter and Sour Words

Does not the ear test words and the mouth taste its food? Job 12:11

I love the wisdom of the Bible!
As I searched for scripture this morning, I happened upon today’s scripture.

Taste is an important sense. The tongue can sense between sweet, sour, salty, savory, and bitter.
You have your favorite tastes – something that is more pleasing to you than anything else.

For instance, I love eggplant in casseroles or just fried. It is one of my favorite foods. But one time someone cooked some eggplant and I couldn’t eat it because of the bitterness.
No matter how much I love eggplant I could not force myself to eat it.

Words are like food to the ears, according to the book of Job. Some words are sweet and some are bitter and sour.
Would you ever intentionally serve something that taste terrible?
Of course not! I’m sure the person that cooked the eggplant never intended it to be inedible. It was a waste of time, money, and food to cook something and have to throw it out.
So why do we serve bitter and horrible words with the mouth and force feed it to the ears of those around us?

That’s just something to think about for today.
As you make your Christmas cookies and candies to take to the office, school, parties, or just to serve at home – remember to also to serve pleasing words to those around you!

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