God has a plan – 2

“And you, O tower of the flock, The stronghold of the daughter of Zion, To you shall it come, Even the former dominion shall come, The kingdom of the daughter of Jerusalem.” Mic 4:8

When Jacob (Israel) lost Rachel during the birth of Benjamin, he buried her on the way to Ephrath (Bethlehem) and then set up camp at the tower of Eder.(Gen 35:18-21)
The place is also known as Migdal Eder or tower of the flock.

Micah tells us that something wonderful would be declared from the tower of the flock.
This tower was located between Bethlehem and Jerusalem, a distance of 5-1/2 miles.
It is said the shepherds living in this area raised lambs for the sole purpose of Temple sacrifice in nearby Jerusalem.
Only male lambs would be used for this service with a minimum of 720 in a year, not counting those used on Passover.
The lambs would be inspected as to perfection – without spot and without blemish.

I tend to believe these things, after all, God has a plan!

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