Get Ready for the Day!

And as it is appointed for men to die once, but after this the judgment, Heb 9:27

While many are concerned about what happens [to their body] after death, the concern should lie with what happens to their soul after death.
Death is a surety! It will happen! No escape from it!
Death is certain but along with it is judgment. It, too, is as certain as death.
Everyone dies and everyone is judged.

My grandmother Swanson planned her funeral. She picked the casket. She picked the dress. She even picked the songs.
I recall the feeling I had at her service. Her personality was felt during it.
But before grandma planned her death, she planned her eternal life. She is one of the most instrumental people that led me to Christ.
To be totally honest, I was actually jealous at grandma’s funeral because she was somewhere I wanted to be!

My great-aunt had cancer and death was certain. Her pastor visited one day and she told him not to pray for her because she knew where she was going. He was to pray for her family.
She also told him, “I taught them how to live; now I’ll teach them how to die.”
Her service was full of joy and gladness. Her work on earth complete and she now had her reward with her Savior.

Should my Lord tarry, I want my own funeral service to be a celebration of my new eternal life.
I am neither concerned about burial or cremation. For me it makes little difference. I won’t be there! I’ll be present with Jesus.

Will you?

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