Words of Life

The words that I speak to you are spirit, and they are life. John 6:63

I need to allow God to retrain my thoughts and transform my mouth.
It’s not that I think horrible thoughts and say cursed things. But I realize that my thoughts that translate into words are not always words of life.

Words of life speak good things to those around.

I’m still haunted by some words I used years ago when I would wait for the school bus with my two little girls sitting in the warmth of the cab.
However, the bus made a couple of more stops past my house and getting behind it delayed me several minutes, so I always wanted to get in front of it.
One morning the bus appeared and I told Lindsey and Kimberly, “There’s the bus!”
Instead of just getting out, they peered around past me to see the bus for themselves.
Aggravated I shouted, “Get out and get on the bus!”
They did and I sped off to get in front of it.

I have regretted that since!

Thinking back I wish I had told them, “Y’all have a great day at school and I’ll see you this evening. Maybe we’ll play some ball if the weather is nice!”

Think about how that would affect their day! All day they would anticipate getting home and waiting on me to play with them; rather than the harsh words I left them with.
I want to speak better, more positive words – words of spirit and words of life.

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