Jesus Paid for It!

Thanks be to God for His indescribable gift! 2 Cor 9:15

Salvation is free for you, though it cost Jesus His life.
I believe the things associated with salvation are free. For instance, my prayer for you won’t cost you anything. If I teach you about God, that’s free too.
I don’t charge for sharing the Way of salvation or baptism. I don’t send you a bill for visiting you at home or in the hospital.
I don’t have a set price and will not send you a bill for a wedding or funeral.
Even these daily thoughts are free and it doesn’t bother me if you print one out, copy and paste it on Facebook, or share with friends and family.

Not everyone feels the same about ministry. Certainly there are some making a living off of ministry.
I do work for a Christian ministry – a radio station – and I do get a salary.
But I don’t work there to get rich. I’m there because of a calling of God to change lives, to give hope, and to tell about a much better life through Christ.
Someone could hear me say something on the radio, take it, and make a sermon out of it. That wouldn’t bother me a bit.
They could use one of my quotes in Sunday school or write a book and include one of my stories.
That wouldn’t bother me either.
What God gives me to share with you is a gift.
Jesus paid for it!

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