Whoever secretly slanders his neighbor, him I will destroy; Ps 101:5

I’m not sure I fully understand what happened.

Last Friday I received a message that some man needed me to call him. I was quite busy and did not get the opportunity.
By lunchtime, his wife had called back and left a message it was really important that I call them.

Later that afternoon I called.
I did not know the man and he did not know me. But he received a threatening letter that had my name on it.
The letter, written by someone else, mentioned that he had met me at a Lufkin tire store where we engaged in a conversation about adultery.
The author of the letter said I was retired after pasturing churches for forty-six years, which would make me a pastor while in high school.

The letter accused the man of adultery, which he said was untrue. It gave also gave an implied threat.

I do not know what this means or the purpose behind it. But someone has purposed to slander us in some way.
I may never know who is behind it or what happens to that person.
God’s word says “him I will destroy!”
I do hope it does not come to that. I would rather see them repent.

2 thoughts on “Slander

  1. wow. that’s crazy. i’m sorry someone has a vendetta against you. I hope they are able to come to Christ and let it go. -rach


  2. Some are not happy until they’ve gotten their innocent blood. However I am glad of your attitude. And I agree I hope the find Christ & invite Him into their heart. God bless you brother.


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