Wisdom and Knowledge

Wisdom and knowledge will be the stability of your times, and the strength of salvation; The fear of the Lord is His treasure. Isa 33:6

You’re living in a time that lacks both wisdom and knowledge.
I believe in truth and being up front with people. Honest in answer and firm in belief.
I don’t particularly trust what the news media or the government tells me.
The facts of history can’t change. It happened the way it happened.
I wasn’t too surprised with White House Press Secretary Spicer in talking about the chemical weapons used against the citizens of Syria.
He made mention that not even Hitler used chemical weapons.
Of course, history disagrees.
Perhaps it was just a bad moment of judgment in using such an erroneous example.
It’s something we can get past and move forward.

More importantly, I am appalled at the lack of wisdom and knowledge that many Christian’s have when it comes to their belief and faith.
There’s no excuse for not knowing what God demands. The Bible is a handy book and makes it abundantly clear.
There is no excuse for not having Biblical wisdom and knowledge. Your knowledge of the Bible can lead someone to Christ. Likewise, your lack of knowledge or misuse of the Bible can run people off.

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