The Need for Godly Wisdom

So Solomon answered all her questions; there was nothing so difficult for the king that he could not explain it to her. 1 Kings 10:3

The Queen of Sheba heard of the fame of Solomon concerning the name of the Lord (1 Kings 10:1), of his prosperity and wisdom. The fantastic stories seemed too good to be true. She needed to find out for herself if what she heard was true.
She armed herself with difficult questions and riddles; also a sharp eye for detail. She traveled to Jerusalem and met with the king.

He answered her hard questions.
She witnessed the behavior of his servants.
She gazed upon the greatness of the Temple of the Lord.
After all she heard and saw, she blessed Solomon and the Name of the Lord.

Do others have hard questions for you? Questions that seem too difficult to answer?
You need to do two things.
First, ask God for wisdom in how to answer others and give honor to the Lord.
Second, read your Bible. Godly wisdom is found in His words.
As the Holy Spirit fills you with the right words, others will turn to the Lord in salvation and bless the Name of the Lord.

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