Hearing From God

My sheep hear My voice, and I know them, and they follow Me. John 10:27

Yesterday evening Linda and I sat outside and enjoyed the end of the day.
A bird flew into a nearby tree – orange body, black head, with a touch of white on the wings.
I opened my bird app to identify it with that information.
The app gave several possibilities but the photo of the Orchard Oriole seemed to best resemble my bird.
I played its song from the app and it did favor the sounds the bird made.
Upon hearing the song and chirps, the bird went crazy. It flew from tree to tree around us. It hopped from limb to limb, getting as close as it dared. Another Orchard Oriole showed up and began flying around too.
With that kind of reaction it’s safe to say my bird identification is correct.
No other birds began exhibiting such behavior.

So I wondered if the same thing would have an effect on the mockingbirds. I absolutely neither saw nor heard any mockingbirds around at the time.
I played the mockingbird song from the app and a mockingbird showed up out of nowhere. It kept it’s distance but did show a definite interest in the sound of the “other” mockingbird!

Those two birds knew the sound of their own kind and flew in to investigate.

God made you in His very own image. Do you recognize His voice as He speaks to you?
Jesus said if you are one of His you would!
He speaks at the burning bush.
He talks in a still, small voice.
He speaks through His word, the Bible.
He uses ministers of the Gospel and Bible teachers.
He speaks through Christian music, elderly people, and little children.
God speaks to you if you only take time to listen and hear Him.

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