Help for Dad!

And you, fathers, do not provoke your children to wrath, but bring them up in the training and admonition of the Lord. Eph 6:4

Being a good dad takes some hard work and effort.
The number one thing a dad can do is stick around! Children get angry when dad is not around; he never calls, and, in the case of a divorce, shows no kind of support.
As a dad, you’re ahead of the curve when you just stick around and are active in your children’s lives.

Dads provoke their children when he doesn’t show respect to their mom.
If children hear constant fighting and bickering they’ll grow resentful and distant. This has long-term consequences when children grow up thinking this is the normal behavior for a couple – to fight and argue.

Dads deny their children eternal life by not taking them to church, reading the Bible, or praying for or with them.
Children can grow up disrespecting the heavenly Father because they compare their own father to Him.
Dad, you are God’s representative of Him on earth.
That brings me to the next point.

Dads need to show unconditional love! He should show love to their mother – his wife. Children need to see this love.
Dad should show love to his children. It’s alright to discipline them but then show love to them, hold them, and explain about the punishment.

Dads need to be willing to make sacrifices for their children. Sometimes he has to do something he’d rather not do. It can be as simple as taking the kids to the zoo or playing putt-putt golf when you’d rather go fishing. Or play ball or hide-n-seek around the house when you’d rather sit in your chair.

As I said, it takes hard work and effort to be a dad.
I know I wasn’t a perfect dad. I let my girls down from time to time. I wasn’t always God’s best representative. But I pray my love for them covered my multitude of mistakes.

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